Easy Stair – temporary staircase

Easy Stair is a temporary staircase which makes life on site much easier by reducing the need to climb up and down ladders prior to the installation of the finished stairs.

Where the finished stairs cannot be installed due to the building not being watertight, or it is desirable to leave installation until later in the project to prevent damage, Easy Stair is the perfect solution.

Safety is also improved by removing the need for site personnel to climb ladders to upper floors whilst carrying tools or materials for such tasks as first fix joinery, window installation and insulation to mention just a few.

Easy Stair is delivered to site fully assembled, it is simply lifted into position secured by two screws and the handrails inserted into either side. The stair unit weighs only 25kg and is available throughout the UK on a next day delivery service.

When used with suitable stairwell edge protection, stairwells can be safer, easier and improve productivity from the very start of the construction process.

The stairs are 600mm wide and suit floor to floor heights ranging from 2.65m to 3.05m.