Drywood woodstain from Lonza Wood Protection

Late last year, Lonza Wood Protection introduced a new coatings range for exclusive use on NON-COM Exterior fire retardant treated timber claddings and since its launch, Drywood Woodstain has gained considerable interest from the timber trade and specifiers.

A water-based system available in transparent, semi-opaque and opaque colours, Drywood Woodstain offers architects and designers a robust and reliable coating system which importantly does not compromise the fire retardant properties of the NON-COM Exterior treated timber.

When industrially applied by a Lonza approved company onto NON-COM Exterior treated timbers, Drywood Woodstain has a four-year performance warranty which can be further extended with regular maintenance.

Jacqui Hughes, UK Fire Retardants Sales Manager, believes that Drywood Woodstain brings a whole new specification choice:

“Whilst NON-COM Exterior fire retardant treated claddings do not require a protective coating, specifiers have been requesting a complementary system to add colour when required.

“Drywood Woodstain is a very versatile solution, allowing specifiers to choose colours that match any RAL specification as well as having unique performance credentials. Drywood Woodstain penetrates deep into the wood whilst building a thin film layer on the surface. This film layer allows the timber to breathe and also prevents excessive dirt retention building up on the coating’s surface. The coating system then weathers slowly and evenly over the entire surface and can be easily overcoated, if required, with minimum preparation.”

Specifiers are able to utilise Lonza’s digital Colour Picker tool to see colours within the Drywood Woodstain range in-situ.