Detail in Contemporary Staircase Design, Paul Barton

Detail in Contemporary Staircase Design by Paul Barton and published by Laurence King in October 2014 is a collection of 40 of the most structurally advanced and beautifully executed staircase designs from the last decade.

Featuring the work of internationally-renowned architect firms, such as Zaha Hadid Architects, Heatherwick Studios and Gehry Partners, as well as emerging practitioners, the book demonstrates how the humble staircase has evolved from a purely functional construction, to an object of beauty and structural innovation. Staircase design is the most sculptural of architectural elements, an embodiment of the building’s overall design.

Examples of stunning staircase designs found in residences, hotels, shops, offices and public buildings across the world, range from the austerely minimal to the ornate and eclectic.

Each project is presented across four pages with a concise descriptive text, colour photographs offering different perspectives on the finished staircase and specially drawn scale plans, sections and construction details.

Ref: 98371