Designs on space

Style and space are key to groundbreaking design…now you can add both thanks to Garador’s new generation of Sectional Garage Doors. 

These superbly engineered garage doors operate on a vertical lift system; so the garage door will rise quickly and smoothly without taking up any driveway space at all. This means with a Garador Sectional Garage Door you can park right up to the door; particularly useful for properties with shorter driveways or when you want to park on the driveway and still use the garage. 

Another big advantage of the doors is that because they open vertically before gliding on metal tracks into the top of the garage, they offer full height and width for garage entry….ideal for wider vehicles such as 4x4s and MPVs.

 Along with the great design, Garador’s Sectional Garage Doors are exceptionally well-engineered. Superior operating gear offers faster and smoother operations and maximum weather proofing is ensured thanks to sturdy rubber weather seals on all sides. Thermal insulation has been covered, including up to 42 mm thick insulated door sections on Premium models, ideal for integral garages and where the space is used as a workshop.

 Along with functionality, these doors also lead the way in design and style from small, medium and even large linear styling (ideal for ultra modern looks) to elegant Georgian styled panelled versions. The choice of colours and shades is vast, and the doors also come in numerous variations of surface textures such as silkgrain, sandgrain, woodgrain and timber effects.

For modern living, these doors offer real benefit; no wonder Garador’s Sectional Doors are becoming the favourite right across the UK.