Deck planning & estimating software available from Wallbarn

New software available from Wallbarn allows clients to create an image of how the DURO EXCELLENCE decking will look on their own project. The exact colour swatch of EasyClick or EasyChange decking boards can be visualised on the deck space.

Our gallery has a selection of images to choose. Alternatively, users can send Wallbarn a photograph of their own deck area.

Click the ‘Floor’ icon and choose the preferred ‘DURO EXCELLENCE’ colour. The deck will change colour, giving the user an accurate account of how their project will appear when decked out in DURO EXCELLENCE.

MegaPro is an estimating software which will calculate and place the correct number and correct size of pedestals required for the paving or decking project.

Users should send a PDF or drawing to Wallbarn of the deck space.

Certain details are required:

  • All changes in fall at each point across the roof
  • Steps or specific details on the roof
  • Position of drainage outlets
  • Slab size and thickness along with the spacing
  • In the case of decking, the centres of the joist frame
  • The height off the deck at each corner point/change of direction

The software then calculates the distances and area (which can be edited if needed).

The ‘calculate’ button is pressed and the software lists the exact number and height/product code of each pedestal required. It will separate them by height/code and create a drawing of the exact layout. This drawing will colour code each pedestal type, creating a user-friendly drawing to give the reader a visual layout of where each pedestal is located.

It will total up the number of each pedestal height and create a chart and schedule of each product so that the client can cost the project accurately.

The visual simulation of the pedestal layout can be used by surveyors and installers, the Bill of Quantities by estimators and purchasers.