Deceuninck undertakes acoustic testing programme on entire range

Deceuninck is the first window systems company in the UK to commit to systematic acoustic testing of all its products.

The testing, which is being run in partnership with Bluesky Certification and one of the country’s leading acoustic testing centres at the University of Salford, will provide commercial fabricators the data they need to meet increasingly stringent acoustic specifications.

Rob McGlennon, MD at Deceuninck, says:

“It used to be specifiers were only interested in the acoustic performance of the window pane, the glass. But with more and more developments popping up on brownfield sites in bustling city centres, the acoustic performance of the entire window system is critical.

“The problem commercial fabricators have is very few, if any, systems companies in the UK have hard and fast data on their window systems, so when a developer specifies a certain acoustic performance level, they’re forced to wait months for testing to be booked, undertaken and reported on.

“At Deceuninck, we aim to help commercial fabricators win more projects where acoustic performance is a key requirement. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best acoustic testing centre in the country to provide the stats they need on all our products.”

Deceuninck now has certified acoustic data for its Casement, Tilt & Turn and Fully Reversible window products, with testing on the full product range currently underway.

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