Crest Installation for ME by MELIA at the V&A Museum for London Design Festival

Crest is an experimental sculpture that tests new design and construction technologies applied to a material of minimal thickness; investigating the relationship between formal arrangement and structural performance. Designed as a temporary installation which will remain at the V&A during the London Design Festival, Crest will then be taken to Dubai to be installed at the ME Dubai hotel.

Zaha Hadid said of the installation:

“Crest explores the relationship between surface and structure, transforming the planar water surface of the V&A courtyard’s pool into a curvilinear form, creating a compelling interplay with light and reflection. This experimental sculpture tests the limits and possibilities for a new construction technique involving the assembly of aluminium panels into a pre-stressed flat plate which is then lifted into a self-supporting structure. Crest is designed as a demountable sculpture to be installed at the ME Hotel, Dubai; establishing an intriguing dialogue with the formal dichotomy inherent within the hotel’s design.”

Melodie Leung, Associate, Zaha Hadid Architects said:

“It’s a process that we’ve never done before, an experiment about achieving a precise form as thin as possible. This is the thinnest shell structure we have built to date”

Tony Cortizas, Vice President of brands for ME, said:

“What Hadid has done is experimental and pushes the boundaries of her key design signature. This comes at a significant time for the brand, firstly with a slow move east to Dubai – which is set to become one of the most visited cities in the world within the next 20 years. Crest signifies a connection between east and west but the most exciting part of the story today is the design aspect which is a key defining part of our brand.”

Ben Evans, London Design Festival Director said:

“Working with Zaha Hadid, one of the world’s most famous architects has been fantastic, as is the setting in this magnificent space at the V&A – but what is most interesting is the growth of the project; what we see here today will evolve into a new form when it takes it’s place in the permanent home at the ME Dubai hotel in 2016”