Creating usable outdoor spaces on flat roofs made possible with Wallbarn

Creating usable outdoor spaces on flat roofs is possible and easy using Wallbarn’s range of adjustable pedestals. Designed specially to support timber decking systems, the hardwearing and durable pedestals are injection moulded in 100% polypropylene with no fillers, so the products can withstand the weight pressures and elements in the long term they will not become brittle in freezing temperatures and are not affected by being in standing water.

The pedestals lift the timber joist frame off the deck and the heights are adjusted to the millimetre twisting the telescopic stems. The joists are set flat and cross fixed to give strength to the system. The decking boards are fixed to the joists and remain away from standing water, extending their lifespan. The drainage of the roof deck is unaffected, the lower surface is ventilated and damp courses are uncompromised as no fixings penetrate the upstands. Weight is also minimised.

Attractive leisure areas using natural materials can be created on roofs, terraces, balconies and podium decks. Installation is hassle-free and very fast. Wallbarn can assist users with design ideas and specification tools.

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