Creating healthy spaces

RENSON® aims to create a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient indoor climate using natural ventilation and sun protection. Natural ventilation maintains the good air quality, while the external sun protection controls the solar gains all year round. Take a glance at some novelties in ventilation and sun protection.

Self-regulating window vent

The Invisivent®EVO HR provides the ideal solution for wind-impacted applications such as high-rise buildings (up to 1200 Pa) and apartment buildings on the coast. The presence of various types of sound-damping foam in the interior profile provides 3 possible levels of sound insulation (Basic, High or Ultra). In addition, the rain cap, which is mounted as standard, ensures perfect water-resistance in even the most extreme conditions. Extra mounting screws and clips guarantee satisfactory stability and sturdiness of the entire window. This self-regulating thermally broken flap ventilator, installed above the window frame, offers a maximum airflow of 15.9 l/s/m at 2 Pa and a sound reduction in open position up to 42 dB.

Dynamic sun protection

Cilium® is a dynamic sun protection system in aluminium, that can be transformed from a vertical sun protection system in front of a window to a horizontal, open position above a window. This solution limits the overheating of buildings during the warm summer months and minimizes the use of artificial cooling systems. During the cold winter months the low position of the sun allows the warm rays to enter the building under the retracted folding shutters, which limits the use of artificial heating. This Cilium® can be discretely integrated in exterior walls with identical cladding or as a separate element constructed in front of a window. Cilium® is available as standard in two versions: with Sunclips® SE.096 or Sunclips® SE.130 blades.