Class 0&1 is not good enough

For years we have spoken of Class 0&1 BS476 Parts 6&7. Now is the time we asked for 30 & 60 minutes fire protection. Once fire get to a product it is only one minute & it will burn even with Class 0&1. The recent fire at Grenfell Tower had insulation for Class 0&1. This also happened in China a few years ago with the collapse of a 38 storey building.

Fire protection for 30 or 60 minutes allows time for most building to be evacuated. Over the years more plastic, UPVC, now a more dangerous product polypropylene. All burning ferociously & giving off toxic smoke.

Envirograf developed Product 42. HW02/E Clear & HW01 White intumescent coating that is giving both 30 & 60 minutes fire protection to timber according to thickness & type of timber or timber related products. These products can upgrade old panelled doors to fire doors. Can be coated over existing paints or varnish. These coatings can also be used externally such as stable, sheds & facing timbers.

Product 105. A 2 coat white system to upgrade 9mm, 12.5mm plasterboard to over 60 & 70 minutes fire protection. Lath-and-plaster walls and ceilings to 74 minutes fire protection. An ideal product for listed buildings, hotels & guest houses where fire protection is important.

British Standard 476 Part 22 1987 state all ironmongery on fire doors should be protected with intumescent product, intumescent paper for behind hinges, round lock areas & behind steel door closers.

Envirograf make 3 hinges door closer hinges, can be adjusted to any speed for any weight doors. All in various finishes. Tested for 68 minutes fire door, and have had 80,000 cycle fatigue test twice at 400 & 900 openings.

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