Changes to CDM Regulations on way, CITB guides industry

Revised Regulations released by the Health and Safety Executive mean that for the first time, all construction projects, including work for householders, will need a health and safety plan.

Developed in consultation with industry and supported by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the 2015 Regulations aim to cut bureaucracy for businesses and will be simpler to understand. The Regulations come into force on 6 April.

The revised Regulations:

  • Simplify the structure of the current Regulations,
  • Introduce the new role of “principal designer” in place of the CDM Co-ordinator, and
  • Remove the explicit requirement for “competence” and replace this with the need for workers to have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience that can be achieved in part through targeted training.

To help businesses understand and comply with the revised Regulations, CITB has published six guidance documents for, clients, contractors, designers, principal contractors, principal designers and workers, which are all free to download from

Kevin Fear, CITB’s Health and Safety Strategy Lead, said:

“As the Industry Training Board for the sector, we were delighted to be asked on behalf of the Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC), to help manage the drafting of guidance by industry representatives.”

“This is guidance that has been written by the industry, for the industry, specifically targeted to help small businesses understand what they need to do to create a safe workplace for construction workers.”

“The guidance will help ensure that all construction workers have the right skills, knowledge, training and experience in health and safety. The expected reduction in bureaucracy will allow managers to spend more time managing risk on site, rather than managing paperwork.”

In addition to the guidance documents, CITB is delivering affordable courses to help small and medium sized businesses understand what the revised Regulations will mean to them and how they need to prepare for the new responsibilities they will have. Working in conjunction with the HSE, CITB are developing a free app that will assist small businesses think about and write construction phase plans, something that they may be doing for the first time.