CCTV ban will jeopardise children’s walk to school, says Living Streets

Living Streets comment on Amendment Clause 87A of the Deregulation Bill, which will ban the use of CCTV in Civil Parking Enforcement with no exemption for areas outside schools.

Living Streets’ Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Dr Kevin Golding-Williams, commented:

“Inconsiderate parking can be hazardous for all pedestrians, but parking on zigzag lines and on pavements around schools not only puts our children in immediate danger at the school gates, but jeopardises their health for the future.

“Our recent YouGov survey to mark Walk to School Week 2014, found that 44 per cent of parents feared for their children’s safety on the school run, at the school gates or in the surrounding area. Consequently families are deterred from walking to school leading to spiralling traffic congestion and pollution levels and denying children the benefits of being physically active.

“Transport Minister Robert Goodwill seems to have recanted his support for the exemption of the ban around schools. CCTV devices can be useful tools for both monitoring and enforcement. Pavement parking is an issue consistently raised by our supporters and impacts especially hard on those with disabilities, sight impairment or parents with buggies.

“This hasty proposal is contrary to any strategy to encourage families to walk or cycle and once again places priority on motor traffic above the safety and ease of pedestrians.”