Cash for Coils – JG Speedfit set to launch pipe competition from 16th September

JG Speedfit is set to launch a new JG Layflat® pipe competition later this year – ‘Cash for Coils’. The promotion will run from 16th September – 6th December 2013, with prizes including Love2Shop vouchers worth up to £1000 and runners-up prizes of JG Layflat® coils.

To enter the competition participants simply need to fill in their contact details on the back of the card found in each 25m and 50m JG Layflat® pipe coil and send it back to JG Speedfit. Alternatively, contestants may register for the prize draw online at the dedicated Layflat competition page on the company website – When registering for the competition online, don’t forget to enter the unique code found on the back of the card.

For those who wish to register through their smart phone, just scan the QR code.

Mike Riseley, UK Director of Sales, JG Speedfit, said,

“After the great response of the first Layflat pipe promotion held recently, we are delighted to announce this new and exciting competition. We are looking forward to rewarding once again some of our loyal Layflat converts!”

The prize draw will be held on 7th December 2013.