BSRIA launches its new Heat Interface Units Guide

BSRIA is delighted to have launched its new Heat Interface Units Guide, available to purchase from the BSRIA bookshop.

The guide focuses on the issues surrounding the application and installation of both direct and indirect HIUs for residential and small commercial applications within district or communal heat networks. It will assist specifiers, designers and installers to achieve a functional and efficient solution for space heating and hot water using heat interface units.

A heat interface unit (HIU) is an essential part of the efficient delivery of heating and hot water to consumers on district and communal heating schemes. The HIU provides safe connection of the consumers’ space heating and hot water systems to the primary heat supply network together with the control function and metering.

The use of an HIU linked to a district or communal heat network in place of boiler can have significant economic and environmental benefits depending on the source of heat and structure of the network. However, successful operation depends on appropriate system design and specification followed by competent installation and maintenance.

Catherine England, BSRIA Marketing Officer, said:

“Heat networks are not a new idea. However, over the past 20 years there is increasing recognition that heat networks, enabled by the use of HIUs, particularly those associated with combined heat and power systems in urban areas, are a key element of a low carbon future.”

The guide is also being sold as part of a set with a new CIBSE guide Heat Networks: Code of Practice for the UK as they complement each other: CIBSE/ADE CP1

Hard copies are available for from the BSRIA bookshop for £30.00 (BSRIA members) and £60.00 (non-members). Digital downloads are free for members: heat interface units