BSRIA applauds the House of Lords “Building Better Places Report”

BSRIA has praised the House of Lords’ ‘Building Better Places Report’ which acknowledged that increasing and speeding up the supply of housing is a central part of the government’s policy agenda.

On Monday, 22 February, BSRIA warned the quality of housing should not be sacrificed for speed and quantity adding that “a short-sighted approach runs the risk of repeating the mistakes of the past”.

Julia Evans, Chief Executive, BSRIA, said:

“The report says that it does not believe the government can deliver the step-change required for housing supply without taking measures to allow local authorities and housing associations each to play their full part in delivering new homes.

“BSRIA has said that all the supply chain elements must align. It is encouraging that the report recommends a range of measures which are intended to create better places, promote design quality and enhance the resilience and sustainability of new developments.”

Evans highlighted the skills shortage in the sector and urged local authorities to reinvest in apprenticeships. She said:

“The Lord’s report would like to see the planning profession regain the status and prestige it deserves. BSRIA wholeheartedly endorses this suggestion especially when we harbour concerns over how any building or construction is going to be built when there is a severe skills shortage in the industry? Upskilling is also a key issue, running alongside that of apprenticeships and the current uncertainly surrounding the apprenticeship levy. Will local authorities reinvest in this important discipline?”