BS5534 Compliance for Roofshield

In 2015, the latest version of the BS5534 Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling will be one of the hottest topics in the construction industry. After several years of discussion, this new document introduces significant changes to the design, specification and installation of roofcoverings and underlays. The A. Proctor Group contributed to the development of this standard and as such have fully compliant specifications available immediately.

Based on fully independent 3rd party testing, Roofshield can continue to be used across the UK, with few, if any, special measures required. This, in addition to no requirement for high level ventilation or the use of a vapour control layer, ensures Roofshield remains the simplest and most cost effective method of achieving regulation compliance.

By continually improving our product ranges to reflect the changing criteria and scope of these standards, the A. Proctor Group aim to make these transitions as painless as possible for our customers. For further information on Roofshield, and the implications of the new BS5534, please visit