Bryonn Architecture bring a step change in urban design concepts

An innovative architecture company have showcased their latest design projects after opening up their skills and talents to the UK market.

Bryonn Architecture is a rapidly establishing architecture and urban design firm, having recently joined the UK marketplace. They already have a strong presence in India and specialise in bespoke architecture, , master-planning and cost-effective interior design.

Unlike many architect firms who focus exclusively on aesthetic outcomes, Bryonn Architecture provide a unique approach which by collaborating research and design that gives consideration to the social and urban context of the project. Not only does this ensure a breathtaking end results, but also one which positively impacts on the immediate environment.

Each undertaken project is developed against a set of unique principles including a strong design philosophy, detailed research and interactive development concepts to guarantee a high end, inspired design which is sustainable and meets the project requirements flawlessly.

Company founder and director, Ninad Patil commented:

“We strongly aim and make sure our work is based on research, analysis, evaluation and engagement for all projects and we have always believed architecture is much beyond a trend and immediate necessity.”

Mr Patil continued:

“Architectural creations have a lasting impact on our lives and surroundings and for every project we undertake we look forward to go back to the basics to create something bespoke and true to its context and surrounding.”

Since announcing their services in the UK, Byronn Architecture have created a range of contemporary and revolutionary designs on highstreets across the country. Recently, the company has completed stunning design projects at the ‘Thorns Fashion Salon & Nail Bar’ as well as a jewellery boutique in Newcastle upon Tyne.

In addition to the architectural design project work, Byronn Architecture has also developed a self-funded not-for-profit research initiative called ‘CRD At Bryonn Architecture ‘(Collaboration + Research + Design) which focuses on urban regeneration/design within the UK. The idea behind the initiative is to revisit and challenge currently existing urban environment models to aid private and government organisations across the globe towards a sustainable development and a comprehensive approach in the urban development and regeneration projects.

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