BPF: New Green Deal Home Improvement Fund welcome

The British Property Federation (BPF) has welcomed the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. It has praised the Government for launching sensible changes that will make the application process easier, but would like to see further details on what will happen to the millions of pounds remaining from the original Green Deal Cashback scheme, urging the Government to look into how it can be used to further improve the worst rated properties.

The new package will allow domestic energy customers to claim £6,000 for installing solid wall insulation and £1,000 to install two sponsored energy efficiency measures. The BPF is particularly pleased to see that the increased funding for solid wall insulation following the government’s significant cuts to ECO finance.

Ian Fletcher, Director of Policy at the British Property Federation, commented:

“The BPF has always supported the Green Deal and the need for energy efficiency, but has been concerned about the take up of the scheme, and the impact of the cuts to ECO funding. Following this announcement we are urging the government to now provide details on what the original Green Deal Cashback might be used for, as this could significantly help improve lots of under performing properties.”