Bogle Architects’ laser research centre wins MIPIM Award

Bogle Architects has won the ‘Best industrial and logistics development’ MIPIM award for its ELI Beamlines project. The practice were the lead
designers of the project from concept design through to authorship review.

ELI Beamlines is the first laser research infrastructure involving scientists from the global research community and is recognised as one of the European Union’s most significant research projects.

Ian Bogle, founder of Bogle Architects, explained:

“Conceptually the building grapples with the notion of the ‘Duality of Light’ – creation of light in the laser halls, and the harnessing of natural light in the public areas for the wellbeing of the building’s users.”

“There have been many challenges in the six years since the building’s inception, but we overcame these by the sheer skill, determination and team spirit of all the relevant stakeholders – Client and Design Team alike.”

The research centre consists of four separate buildings that accommodate offices, laboratories, a multi-functional space with lecture theatre/café, and the principal element: a massive concrete ‘box’, the size to a football pitch that houses the laser hall itself.

The lasers installed within the complex will be used for research into material sciences and engineering, medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy and astrophysics.

ELI will conduct experiments involving ion and electron accelerations. In the future, laser accelerated electrons will be used to build compact electron-positron colliders or a full-optical X-ray free electron laser (XFEL), while laser accelerated ions will be fundamental in the development of full-optical hadrontherapy facilities for cancer treatment.