BioClad: Antimicrobial wall cladding

Working with Five Guys to implement fully hygienic spaces in critical areas of each restaurant venue using BioClad’s antimicrobial wall cladding has been a real pleasure. Our antimicrobial wall cladding with BioCote® technology offers unparalleled protection against the threat of harmful bacteria.

How it works?
Silver-Ion technology creates surfaces upon which 99.9 per cent of microbes cannot survive. Laboratory and real-life testing has proved that the technology reduces microbes by 80 per cent in just 15 minutes and 99.9 per cent in just two hours.

Why it’s beneficial for food prep?
Cross contamination is a concern for any food prep area dealing with raw meats but with the help of BioCote technology working 24/7 effectively fighting with proven evidence, E.Coli and a multitude of other bacteria and moulds. In addition to its proven antimicrobial protection, the BioClad antimicrobial cladding is extremely easy to clean.

BioClad is thermoformed round corners by approved installers on site, giving a seamless uniformed detail which provides a strong easily cleaned water tight finish. This appealed to Five Guys by allowing staff more time to focus on food preparation thus reducing customer waiting times.

Jonathan Cope, head of construction at Five Guys UK, said:

“Having a BioClad antimicrobial wall cladding installed in a large number of Five Guys restaurants we’re really pleased with its high-quality performance and their excellent customer service. We are looking forward to continuing this throughout our European role out campaign.”