BDP to undertake Kuwait commercial land use background study

The Manchester studio of BDP, a major international, interdisciplinary practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists has been commissioned by Kuwait Municipality to undertake a Commercial Land Use Background Study.

This significant urban planning project, which has a fee in excess of £1million, will result in a comprehensive and coherent set of commercial land use proposals and an appropriate planning policy framework which will underpin the subsequent development of the Kuwait National Masterplan 2040. The project will be led by Francis Glare, BDP’s head of urbanism, supported by Deloitte in Manchester and the Middle East and Kuwait partners OBD.

Upon signing the agreement with BDP Mr Ahmed Al Sobeih, the Head of the Kuwaiti Municipality, stressed the importance of the study for the future of Kuwait and stated that it was one of the key recommendations from the National Masterplan to diversify Kuwait’s income sources and commercial activities.

Manchester studio chairman Gavin Elliot said:

“It is very rewarding to see skills from the Manchester studio exported successfully to new and emerging markets around the world where the specialist knowledge gained from Manchester and the north west’s own transformation is highly sought after.”

Francis Glare, who combines roles in the UK and Middle East with a visiting chairmanship of BDP’s studio in New Delhi, India, said:

“We would like to acknowledge the importance of the collaboration with our local partners OBD and their contribution to the winning of this project. Such commissions reflect BDP’s growing reputation globally as international masterplanners and sustainable urbanists as well as outstanding architects and engineers.”

The commission builds upon other successes in Kuwait for BDP.. These include the completion of the Traffic Management and Updating Plan for Salmiya and an award winning concept design for the Sabah Al Ahmad Culture Centre. Francis and BDP’s Manchester team also have extensive experience of working in other Middle Eastern and North African countries including Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egypt.