BCO report shows what workers want from their offices

The BCO (British Council for Offices) and Savills recent report, commissioned to look at what workers want from their office workplace, has identified and ranked the top non-locational features that make up the ideal workplace, which included occupant comfort, temperature, general noise levels and the quality of the fit-out.

The report highlighted the relationship between office fit-out, employee comfort and staff productivity and easy wins for both occupiers and landlords. Malcolm Stamper, marketing manager at SAS International, comments: “By working with an integrated interior products manufacturer, clients and specifiers are able to meet occupant comfort demands by combining interior fit-out solutions to best enhance the environment, helping to improve staff motivation and productivity while providing long term value.”

BCO aims to research, develop and communicate best practice in all aspects of the office sector, its guide to specification states that ‘good quality, modular perforated metal ceilings are preffered.’

SAS International promotes best practice of fit-out around the world, working to supply solutions tailored to the user’s requirements, fulfilling various specification and sector demands, and is sponsoring the ‘Fit-out of workplace’ category for the 2013 British Council for Offices regional and national awards.

Meeting performance and aesthetic demands of commercial offices across the world, SAS International’s range of integrating fit-out products includes acoustic, suspended ceiling systems, partitioning systems and doors, energy efficient chilled beams and ceilings, radiant and trench heating and architectural metalwork.