Barrault Pressacco completes Parisian social housing units in stone

Parisian practice Barrault Pressacco has completed a social housing project in the French capital in “massive stone”.

The project, said the architects, “articulates an environmental approach to design whilst echoing the Hausmannian building tradition that characterises the city. The use of this natural material equally contributes to the sense of wellbeing and comfort that permeates the project.”

Stone is abundant in the vicinity of Paris, so is “virtuous environmentally and highly contextual, drawing on local resources and engaging the regional economy,” said Barrault Pressacco.

They commented on its sustainability: “The energy necessary to extract, cut and lay stone is limited in comparison to other materials. It undergoes little transformation and its intrinsic properties are conserved in the process.”

The site is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, where local vernacular architecture coexists alongside Hausmannian renovations from the latter half of the 19th century.

The construction of the building is hybrid, composed of different materials each assuming a particular mechanical or thermal role. All the facades are in massive stone supported by reinforced concrete porticos on the ground floor.