Atkins’ TEDA H2 Building won “Best Innovative Green Building” award by MIPIM Asia 2014

The Atkins-designed TEDA H2 building, the highlight of the Tianjin TEDA Modern Services District (MSD), has been crowned bronze award for “Best Innovative Green Building” by MIPIM Asia, – a prestigious award decided by an international judging panel of industry experts that recognises the property industry’s best and brightest, rewarding innovation and achievement in a variety of fields through.

Bertil de Kleynen, Atkins’ director for architecture and landscape in Asia Pacific, said:

“I am extremely excited about winning this leading industry award. It is a great recognition to Atkins’ design capability and this truly unique green building.”

The newly opened TEDA H2 Building is the world-first low-carbon building which has been accredited with 4 green building certificates under different assessment schemes: the US LEED (Gold), the Chinese 3-Star (3 stars), the Japanese CASBEE (S Class), and the British BREEAM (Very Good). The demonstration project will serve as a platform for research of new green technologies.

H2 Building has demonstrated an energy-saving, comfortable indoor building environment through different aspects of architectural and engineering designs. Atkins’ design team has applied an array of layered façade structures and unique high performance materials to provide sustainability to the building; photovoltaic panels are installed on the southern side for solar energy conversion, double glazing glasses are installed on the southern façade to provide better insulation to improve energy efficiency, and a grey water system is designed and used for reducing potable water consumption.

In addition to be the architect for the TEDA H2 Building, Atkins is also the lead designer for the Tianjin TEDA Modern Services District (MSD), responsible for the entire project design from planning to construction. Covering a GFA of 1.34 million sqm, Tianjin TEDA MSD is a development zone that is identified to promote the city’s importance as an economic centre for northern China.

De Kleynen added:

“This project is a great showcase of Atkins’ integrated solution to support our client to achieve sustainable urban development that is future proofing.”