As Green-tech’s exhibition season kicks off they put the BRAKE on employee driving

2019 was a very busy year for Green-tech, who attended 48 trade shows, awards ceremonies and exhibitions. The events were located all over the UK, ranging from the company’s home town of Harrogate to further afield in London, Edinburgh and Cornwall.

Green-tech has announced their intention to top the eventful 2019 calendar and has confirmed their attendance at high-profile exhibitions Futurebuild, Futurescape and Saltex. Things kick off for the company with their attendance at BTME in Harrogate today (21st January), quickly followed by Palmstead tomorrow on 22nd January and then Specifi London, Specifi Edinburgh and Pro Landscaper Business Awards, to name just a few in February.

Due to the high mileage their employees do on a yearly basis, Green-tech recently decided to enroll the entire workforce onto a driver training course with Andrew Wolrich, an ambassador of the road safety charity BRAKE.

The course was presented to promote the charities new ‘BRAKE pledge’, which is training provided in six key areas to help road users be safer and more vigilant on the roads.

The sessions were designed to highlight the importance of safe road practice, what can lead to collisions on the road, and how to prevent them from happening.

In order to further protect their staff and the public, Green-tech has made changes to its company vehicle policy following the training and is tweaking the vehicle checking policy before company cars are used.

Green-tech’s Sales Director Richard Gill comments,

“We are a fast-paced business and growing at a rapid rate. The number of miles our staff cover is huge and our vehicle fleet has vastly increased on just a few years ago. As well as events we are on the road for training courses, customer and site visits. The training was well received and has encouraged staff to alter their driving habits to be safer on the road. It is imperative we as a company do all we can to ensure our people stay safe and to reinforce the company’s commitment to safe and careful road practice, further driver training courses are planned, to ensure that safety remains a priority when employees are on the roads.”