Archibet by Federico Babina

Archibet by Federico Babina and published by Laurence King in January 2015 is an imaginative, illustrated alphabet of famous architects from around the world.

Architect and graphic designer Federico Babina’s love of illustration dates back to the comics he read as a child. Later, when studying architecture, he came to realise the close relationship between graphic design, illustraton and architecture. In order to express their vision through drawings, an architect must be a good illustrator. Design is the first way to give shape and body to a project, so graphic design is an integral element in bringing a project to life.

By creating imaginary landscapes, Federico’s combines his two passions, explaining:

“Sometimes I am an architect with a passion for illustration and others I’m an illustrator in love with architecture.”

Archibet is a retro cityscape, rendered in Federico’s unique fashion and features an architect for each letter of the alphabet. Federico pays tribute to the distinct architectural style of each practitioner by incorporating elements in each card. Architects featured in the collection include Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Norman Foster, Walter Gropius and Renzo Piano.