Antwerp Student Hostel inspired by Japanese Capsule Hotels launched by Today for Tomorrow

The ASH, short for Antwerp Student Hostel, opens this week and has found its inspiration in the Japanese capsule hotels.

After the airports of Amsterdam and London, and major cities as New York, Singapore and Moscow, this trending hotel concept has come to Antwerp in Belgium: During its soft launch, the ASH was selected as the home for the volunteers of Belgium’s major sports event of 2014, the European Special Olympics.

Capsules as rooms

A capsule hotel offers a luxurious private space with a high-end finish in a shared room. The private space of the capsule comes with a locker and shared showers. Each capsule has been made sound-proof and has private ventilation in order to secure your night’s rest.The concept of sharing a room with strangers creates an easy to connect atmosphere and enhances friendships worldwide during travelling. Capsule hotels beds offer slightly more luxury for the solo traveller or group. The ASH offers a combination of both: the traditional bunk beds and capsule beds are offered to travellers. Besides the innovating capsule concept, the ASH offers extra services such as a lobby, communal kitchen, a garden and a laundromat.


The ASH offers high-end quality for a democratic rate. The aim is to lower the barrel to travel and to make feel people at home away from home. Both long and short term stays are possible. This is one of the reasons why The Antwerp Management School decided to become partner of the ASH and put their 3 Continents-programme students in the Fall Semester.

Behind the ASH

Antwerp Student Hostel is developed by ‘Today for Tomorrow’, a Belgian real estate developer specialized in innovative student accommodation with cutting edge architecture. The ASH was inspired by the Japanese concept of capsule hotels. There are 63 rooms and 48 hostel beds. Beds can be booked per night or for long duration stays. Rates start at 24€/night.