ANODIC collection launched by ADAPTA®

The new ANODIC collection launched by ADAPTA® is part of the VIVENDI® SDS range for design and planning in the field of architecture. These products have been designed in extra-durable, premium polyester to ensure the maximum standards of quality with regard to shine and colour fastness to light, and always in compliance with the applicable international quality specifications. The collection bears an environmental product declaration (EPD) and has been certified pursuant to standard ISO 16000-9:2006, having been awarded an A+ rating for extremely low emissions in indoor environments.

The colours on offer cover a wide range of the most popular anodized finishes on the market. The products available feature a meticulous colorimetric adjustment and are intended as an option for all those who appreciate the benefits this kind of coating brings to their goods, including:

  • A product life-cycle with less impact on the environment.
  • Greater uniformity of colour between manufacturing batches.
  • The same appearance on different metal substrates.
  • Greater chemical resistance.

All the colours in the collection boast the cutting-edge Adapta Bonding System® technology, which provides and guarantees a homogeneous visual effect, essential for use in emblematic projects or where the highest standards of quality are required. At the request of the client ADAPTA® will develop any colour not featured in the ANODIC collection.