Aluprof corners the sliding door market

Glazed sliding doors have always been popular in residential and high rise residential properties as they take up little room and are cost effective to manufacture and install. Today’s lift and slide doors offer high thermal performance and excellent weathering capabilities complete with a low threshold detail. Aluprof now ‘corners’ the market with their aluminium lift and slide door, the MB-77HS, which now offers the option of a 90o installation configuration.

Already specified and being installed on several new commercial high rise projects, the new detail allows for the door to be installed at the corner of a building or balcony whilst still taking up little room and maintaining the high weathering capabilities and high insulation required in high rise applications.

Equally at home in the residential home improvement market, the new 90o lift and slide door from Aluprof is a cost effective option to a 90o sliding folding door with arguably a longer, trouble free life expectancy. The MB-77HS is configured in an “ST” or “HI”, standard or highly insulated, option and can be glazed with wide DG units, including triple glazing. Thermal insulation, ‘Uf’, from 1.4 W/m2K can be achieved.

In keeping with today’s automation requirements, the MB-77HS can be fully automated and used with a wide range of control systems. MB-77HS shares components with the MB-86 system which creates an aesthetic combination of MB-77HS doors with windows, using the same components in the fabrication process. Installed weather performance can achieve, air permeability, class 4, EN 12207, watertightness, class 9A,  EN 12208 and wind load resistance, up to class C4,  EN 12210.

All Aluprof systems are designed, fabricated and installed by selected, specially trained companies across the UK. Further information is available on the company’s website at and specialist advice is available from Aluprof on 0161 941 4005.