ALUCOBOND® rocca – The Rugged Look of Stone – New surface series launched

ALUCOBOND® rocca from 3A Composites GmbH, is a new range of four surface designs which takes its inspiration from the rugged stone formations and features that have shaped the natural world for millennia.

Rocca, from ALUCOBOND®, is stripped of all colour, with its unique visual character revealed only by light refraction on its surface to present an almost raw primal beauty that is in tune with the natural landscape.

Four shades are available within the rocca range; the soft jet black of ‘Graphite’, the rugged terrain of ‘Dolomite’ anthracite, the weathered iron-grey of a ‘Meteorite’, the crisp silver-white of ‘Quartzite’ and all finishes feature a perceptibly textured structure where light is broken up naturally into the widest range of shades. Uniquely, the surfaces seamlessly shift between defined and vibrant or softer and subtle, depending on the viewing angle or how light falls on to it – not unlike that of natural stone.

ALUCOBOND® rocca is ideal for all building façade applications or can be used to give individual character and aesthetic to structures such as balconies or entrance areas, where architects seek that enigmatic natural stone look.

Like all ALUCOBOND® composite panels, rocca is both durable and long-lasting being resistant to weathering, erosion or corrosion for a look that will endure the lifetime of the building.

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Copyright pictures: LOSYS GmbH