Adjustable flooring and decking cradles from Quantum Rubber

The patented Quantum Cradle System provides scope to adjust floors and decking, enabling them to be levelled or laid to falls with complete accuracy. Placed directly onto concrete in new builds, extensions or conservatories, it provides a low underfloor void which is adjustable between 10mm – 40mm and avoids the time and expense associated with levelling compound application. The space can be used to route cables or be insulated while finished floors are lightly sprung rather than solid.

Outdoors, Quantum Cradles are ideal for use with decking on uneven surfaces, balconies or roof terraces. The cradle body is made from recycled plastic and designed to support standard 2″ timber joists which are simply slotted between its holders. Being kept above the drainage level, they benefit from the underside ventilation this provides. The cradle’s cellular rubber base support spreads the imposed load while its buttress thread enables extremely fine adjustments to be made.

The system has been fully assessed and tested by Swansea University Materials Centre of Excellence and conforms to BS5399 – Loading Conditions for Flooring.