Adapta Color Presents Metal Vivendi Collection for Architectural Design

If something distinguishes Adapta Colorin the powder coatings industry is its positioning in the market of metallic finishes. The new metallic colours of the Vivendi RAL range offer innovative developments with excellent resistance to weathering and maximum light fastness, always complying with the international quality specifications. The new Metal Vivendi Collection is based on the proven Adapta Vivendi technology for architecture, which has been tested according to ISO 16000-9:2006 getting an A+ for indoor emissions.

Vivendi SDS METAL Collection products (Fig. 1) are based on ultra-durable polyester resins, hardeners without TGIC, pigments and additives (Table 1). They are semi-transparent pigmented clear coats to imitate noble metals, anodised finishes and other special effects when they are applied to aluminium.

Table 2 shows the mechanical and chemical properties of this product, obtained applying on 0.8 mm AA1050 aluminium panels with the right pre-treatment process and correctly baked, following the individual product data sheet instructions in order to get a right cross-linking reaction.

Vivendi SDS METAL Collection products meet or exceed the highest international quality specifications for powder coatings and can be used for external architectural applications. These are available in smooth satin gloss finish with a gloss range from 30 to 80.

Vivendi products have been designed mainly to be used on aluminium surfaces as:

– expanded and perforated aluminium panels

– raised and flattened aluminium meshes

– aluminium rain screens and sun protection parts

– aluminium cassettes for facades.

The substrate to be coated must be cleaned, degreased and pre-treated with the most suitable process (chrome-free or pre-anodizing). Vivendi SDS METAL Collection can bel electrostatically sprayed with all commercial Corona Guns.

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