Acoustic clouds at Portsmouth University

The Eldon building at Portsmouth University is a new creative and cultural facility designed by architects Penoyre & Prasad as an exemplar of sustainable construction. The entrance foyer, also used as an exhibition space, displays a very dramatic ceiling using Troldtekt acoustic panels. It is a very good example of how a sustainable acoustic ceiling can be used to perform several roles simultaneously. The project forms part of a wider development of the University which has achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘excellent’.

Here, the architects have combined a gridiron pattern of suspended acoustic panels, often known as clouds, together with a framework of lighting strips. This aesthetically pleasing arrangement gives great depth to the ceiling.  At the same time, it combines the function of dampening down echoes and noise from the continuous pedestrian traffic while providing easy access and servicing for the flexible display lighting and other services above.

Troldtekt acoustic panels are made from 100% natural wood fibres. Their benefits include high sound absorption, high durability, natural breathability and low cost life cycle performance. Available in various sizes and in three grades from ultrafine to coarse, they can be left untreated or painted in virtually any RAL colour. The panels are certified according to both the PEFC and FSC standards, which guarantees that the wood used can be traced back to sustainable forestry. This sustainability was recently recognised with certification at Silver level within the Cradle to Cradle concept.

High performance acoustic ceiling and wall panels are widely used in typically noisy environments, such as schools, sports buildings and swimming pools. By reducing noise reverberation the quality of the environment is greatly improved while the use of natural materials also improves the indoor climate for health and personal well-being.

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