Achieving an enduring all-white aesthetic

A new range of hard wearing white floors has been launched by Flowcrete UK to help the designers of commercial spaces create crisp and gleaming white surfaces that evoke an elegant, luxurious ambiance.

The Mondèco Arctic systems are the latest floors in Flowcrete UK’s seamless epoxy resin terrazzo range. The minimalist chic of these deluxe floors is the sumptuous epitome of elegance, luxury and style, as it produces a bright, light filled space that entices visitors inside and bathes them in an indulgently welcoming glow.

Featuring three new colours, Alaska, Glacier and Polar, and providing superior UV light resistance, these floors help large-scale commercial locations to retain a seamless, visually appealing finish for an extended period of time.

The three Mondèco Arctic systems combine a white binder with a blend of light coloured aggregates, mirror glass and metallic particles in differing quantities, creating stylised white surfaces with subtly differing aggregate patterns.

Mondèco floors provide large-scale commercial environments with a wealth of creative possibilities. An innovative application technique allows for bespoke and intricate designs to be installed across wide swathes of flooring and even the precise colour, shimmer and lustre of a Mondèco floor can be adapted to suit the style and image of each site.

Flowcrete UK’s Marketing Manager, Ian Jones, said:

“Many commercial environments desire an all-white aesthetic to enhance brand identity, attract customers and create a pleasant visitor experience.

“The Mondèco Arctic range means that architects can specify an attractive hard-floor covering, with all the design possibilities of the Mondèco range, that has been specifically tailored to provide this modern, upmarket image.

“These three new systems have been designed to combine the high-end looks, design potential and durability of Flowcrete’s premier decorative flooring range with an enhanced level of UV light resistance. This is an advantage that will pay the venue back over its lifetime thanks to the reduced need to repair or refurbish the floor in the years to come.”

The seamless and impermeable nature of Flowcrete UK’s resin floors also helps commercial sites to maintain a clean and hygienic interior by facilitating the quick and easy removal of dirt, spillages, bacteria and contaminants from the area.

Architects eager to find out more about the aesthetic and functional properties of Flowcrete UK’s new Mondèco Arctic range can sign onto the resin flooring specialists’ new CPD seminar ‘Specifying Seamless Resin Terrazzo’.