‘A sustainable and low carbon future’ cuts across the Farrell Review

Sir Terry Farrell’s independent review of Architecture and the Built Environment, published this week, places sustainability as one of five cross-cutting themes throughout the Review.

The Review, commissioned in 2013 by Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries, addresses Education, Outreach & Skills; Design Quality; Cultural Heritage; Economic Benefits and Built Environment Policy.

Open-City’s Victoria Thornton sat on the expert panel, assisting in gathering evidence for the review. Read her thoughts on the opportunities the review presents on Education on her blog

On a sustainable and low carbon future and the UK’s potential Farrell states:

‘The future has to be a sustainable one and the built environment professions are central to this. Government and the industry must show leadership on the sustainability agenda and the critical proactive planning that is required as a result of climate change. Sustainable design should be incentivised and the right kind of leadership at city level should be championed.’

Leadership, exemplar practice and environmental governance are central to Open-City’s Green Sky Thinking Week Programme, taking place in four weeks time.

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