A standard radiator is not always the answer….

With the advent of the property selling, decorating and make-over TV programmes and the rise in life style magazines with their home make-over articles, the man and women in the street has begun to take an avid interest in every aspect of the décor in their homes and properties, and instead of relying on the installer or building designer to select the components that go into their revamped homes and offices, they are taking an ever closer interest in every detail, including wanting a say in the choice of radiators.

And it’s no coincidence that this change in attitude has been paralleled by the rise in popularity of designer and decorative radiators – a trend that started with the acceptance fifteen to twenty years ago that a bathroom should have a towel rail rather than a standard radiator. The trend has developed and become more scientific with the option of attractive radiators throughout the house, both traditional horizontal and perhaps more contemporary vertical models. And the option for well-designed and effective heating appliances for bathrooms and kitchens in particular, with radiators becoming focal points of the décor of a home or commercial property – has fuelled the latest trend, seeing a growth in the number of colour options to allow the radiators to match or contrast with the decor in a building.

The options available for bathrooms and kitchens these days is huge and varies from curved tubular models to traditional ladder rails, and bathroom and kitchen versions of decorative and designer radiators that appear elsewhere in the home, designed to match the radiators throughout a property.

Specifiers these days also have access to a range of radiators that meet specific requirements for particular applications. Low surface temperature radiators – LSTs – are designed to protect the young, the old and the vulnerable with attractive casings that will never exceed 43 degrees C and are ‘safe to touch’. These ensure no burns to delicate skin – and are widely specified for nurseries, public buildings, hospitals, surgeries, nursing and care homes and sheltered housing schemes.  They provide more than adequate heating but have that added safety built in.

And these days, there are more special ranges too for installers and specifiers to select from. Stelrad offers a Special Application Series designed for very specific opportunities – the new Heavy Duty Planar comes with a sturdy 2mm one section integrated steel fascia incorporating side and top panels. It’s stylish, but robust enough to withstand the knocks of heavy traffic in the commercial environments they were designed for – but increasingly they are being specified for other uses too, particularly in schools!

There’s also the Compact Xtra Protection –  a new rust resistant radiator range designed for rooms with on-going high humidity – showers, bathrooms, wet rooms and changing rooms in homes but also in sports halls,  leisure centres and spas.

So next time you’re faced with a slightly different challenge when you’re asked to install a replacement system or perhaps the customer wants something a little bit different to meet a specific need they have, head for www.stelrad.com  or call Stelrad on 0844 543 6200 or email marketing(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)stelrad.com. Ask for your own copy of the Stelrad Radiator Book, the most comprehensive guide to the full range of radiators you might need – all in one place.