A new dimension – the new edition of ALUCOBOND’s digital magazine Forms&Elements

“Architecture is the continuation of nature in her constructive activity.”
– Karl Friedrich Schinkel (architect,1781-1841)

Folds are the basis for infinite variety in the space around us. This is not only an astute Japanese insight regarding the art of origami but the basis of modern spatial concepts. A breath-taking range of shapes can be algorithmically generated by folding or unfolding.

An algorithm is defined as a set of rules that precisely defines a sequence of operations leading towards solving a problem or a class of problems. Ornamentation is experiencing a revival in contemporary architecture. Modern manufacturing processes and digital design equipment mean the complex geometries and structures in ornamentation can now be created using parametric means.

Parametric design is the modern application of algorithms, the modern problem-solver – Parametricism is the contemporary architectural movement, the successor to the Postmodernist style. The parametric planning process is being used in more and more contemporary architectural and design projects. It is well-nigh impossible to produce complex and curvilinear structures using the standardised planning and construction methods that were typical in the past. Individual components can now be planned parametrically.

Nevertheless, even in this era of Parametricism, good architecture still relies on an architect’s inspiration. Parametric façade design is the quintessence of all the projects featured in this edition. When individual inspiration is coupled with modern technology, we can see how the new Parametricism generates truly unique architecture.

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