A living working complex: Sisecam Turkey Headquarters

The interiors of the Sisecam Headquarters Building offers an exciting and joyful environment for the employees, which is designed with the purpose of increasing motivation and also generating a luminous and transparent office space by Istanbul-based Bakirkure Architects.

Sisecam Headquarters, is located at Is GYO building, in Istanbul – Turkey with 35.000 sq m in total. There are three blocks which are designed as Shell&Core, common spaces are created to connect buildings. A significant industry field building, has been designed by analysing, exploring. Functional and organisational changes are based on that understanding. Bakirkure Architects perfectly present a pioneer agenda in creating “working spaces”.

Sisecam’s new headquarters office integrates with this understanding by generating an exciting and joyful environment for the employees. Bakirkure Architects,primarily concerns designing a healthy and happy office space for this project.The interiors of the office were designed with the purpose of increasing motivation and also generating a luminous and transparent office space.

Project is designed as “a living complex” to present happy spaces for 1.500 people. There are also a museum with 155 sq m, canteen space with 1250 sq m for 525 people and an academic space with 520 s qm, even coiffeur, dry cleaning.

There’s a great amount of circulation in the building along with the integration of legal and corporate foundation departments and executives. Comfortable and pleasant and colourful social areas gives people the chance of sitting, reading and also relax around , e.g. kitchenette, hot desk, library are built.

The transparency approach is based on producing glass surfaces used in the meeting rooms, where the access to the light of the facade is benefitted relatively less. Combining natural and warm materials is one of the characteristic features of Sisecam Headquarters’s design. Glass, natural stones, wood, interior landscape items with the rough effect of its gross look can be shown as example of it.

Sisecam Headquarters project has a full automation scenario and has a LEED Sertification shows that has an environmental friendly understanding.

Interior Design: Gurhan Bakirkure/ Bakirkure Architects
Location: Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey
Client: Sisecam
Contractor: Bakirkure Architects
Project Type: Office
Project Year: 2016
Contruction Field Capacity: 35.500 sq m