A coating for all seasons with AkzoNobel

With over 2300 garden centres and retail nurseries in the UK and spending on garden-related items topping-out at a whopping £5bn per annum, it’s no surprise that capital items like sheds, decking and fencing amount for a large portion of that outlay.

This Spring is set to see more convenience gardening and low maintenance options as people adapt to smaller living spaces, as a direct effect of the current global and seasonal weather patterns. Despite years of rain-soaked summers, we still believe that we have the ideal climate for outdoor living. We also like the low maintenance of it all. There is no time any more for weeding or mowing the lawn. If it doesn’t move…cover it in wood!

At Blackburn-based coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel they know that supplying the highest quality products to protect these wooden assemblies in situ is key to safeguarding their longevity and make them look stunning all year round.

Carl Circus, UK Distribution Manager, AkzoNobel Wood Coatings said,

“Our SIKKENS CETOL® WF 771 is the ideal product for use on fencing, sheds and decking this Spring. It’s technical qualities, ease of application, colour vibrancy and trouble-free maintenance make it a perfect choice for a huge selection of applications where either UV light and moisture are an issue.”

With SIKKENS CETOL® WF 771, Sikkens Wood Coatings provide a special one-pot coating product which is highly protective against the damaging effects of UV light and moisture. Its transparent film deluges and fills the pores in the wood with the Saturator-Effekt® and therefore increases its durability. Flaking of the coating does not occur. The Self Stratifying© binder used in CETOL® WF 771 is modularly based: The first component ensures good adhesion to the substrate; the second component offers very good protection against UV light and moisture. This low build, low sheen translucent system is especially suitable for medium to highly exposed wood surfaces such as outdoor decks, garden furniture, roof soffits and cladding. The ‘Never Ending Impressions’ colour collection, designed especially for CETOL® WF 771 offers a wide spectrum of intensive colours and harmoniously balanced colour tones.

As well as being perfect for application by brush for the DIY market SIKKENS CETOL® WF 771 is used for application in a factory environment by trade coaters, for example. In terms of meeting the needs of commercial cladding coaters, SIKKENS CETOL® WF 771 provides a perfect coating solution, whether it is applied by vacuum coater, brush coater or automated spray lines… a real boon at the early stages of construction affording the manufacturer more quality control.

Carl Circus added,

“We can supply a regular volume of our products directly to the fence, shed and decking manufacturers. It’s all about a reliable flow of service and delivery of product. On time, every time.”