25 per cent off AllClear protective coating kit from Lakes Bathrooms

Shower specialist Lakes Bathrooms is expanding its discount offer on its AllClear® Surface Protection System for all consumers, previously only available to those purchasing shower enclosures from the Classic or Coastline Collections.

A 25 per cent discount is now available for a limited time on all online purchases of the AllClear Surface Protection System; a complete kit designed for home application of the high performance stay-clean coating, suitable for maintenance of treated glass and for use on an array of household surfaces.

AllClear is a hydrophobic, invisible, stay-clean coating that repels water, limescale, dirt, soap scum and other deposits to protect the sparkle of bathroom products; giving glass 20 per cent greater brilliance. The life of the coating depends on the usage and type of the treated surface, but when factory applied it is guaranteed to outperform untreated glass for three years. According to Lakes Bathrooms, reapplication during this lifetime can extend the performance of the coating and periodic treatment is recommended as a simple way to revitalise. To encourage home owners to keep bathrooms fittings in ideal condition, Lakes Bathrooms is offering the discount on the surface protection system, which includes everything required for home application of the stay-clean treatment.

Sales and marketing director Clive Organ said:

“The benefits of AllClear are multiple. The first is that cleaning is effortless, so takes less time and trouble. Treated surfaces only need a wipe with a clean cloth and water, so the need for chemical cleaners is removed. This saves money and has a positive environmental advantage too. AllClear also improves hygiene as it reduces the environments where bacteria can grow.”

The AllClear Surface Protection System is a complete kit contained in a sturdy plastic tub. It includes a jar of surface restorer and abrasive pad for pre-application cleaning, a nylon buffer and microfibre polishing cloth, plus the all important AllClear SWIFT™ coating in a spray. Application takes only a few minutes and each Surface Protection System contains enough to provide approximately 16 square metres of coverage. The kit normally retails at £40.47, but with the discount now on offer it is available online from Lakes Bathrooms for just £30.35.

To view a film demonstration of AllClear or to buy the Surface Protection System with discount visit www.lakesbathrooms.co.uk/shop. To take advantage of the discount, code ALC01 should be entered on the shopping basket page.