Building automation – creating smarter homes for smart consumers

Asad Zaidi, Channel Marketing Engineer, Schneider Electric, explores building automation and creating smarter homes for smart consumers. An automated home brings together many control aspects including security, lighting, temperature, audio and video entertainment systems, blinds and curtains, sprinklers etc. You can enter... View Article

Giving architects the tools to keep sustainability on track

Alan Yates, technical director, sustainability at BRE Global looks at how the BREEAM assessment method can assist architects in optimising building design, while keeping their clients happy too. The commercial property sector is a fiercely competitive and fast-changing environment where clients... View Article

From home to office, fast

Architect Alireza Ravanshad is the creator of Dandi Space, a whole new architectural approach to combining work and living space through smarter design. Here, he makes the case for challenging the traditional spatial divide between working life and home life.... View Article

Site lines – BRE’s James Fisher

The BRE’s James Fisher describes how commercial clients are seeing the need to analyse and improve the environmental impact of their buildings in use, to increase asset value. For many businesses, operating their buildings presents a major cost overhead, often... View Article

Modulo & Scaleo: FunderMax is innovating the housing market

As more and more pressure is being placed on homebuilders to create affordable, flexible and sustainable housing for an ever increasing population, it would seem that rainscreen cladding is becoming ‘the’ choice for UK developers. Especially with the introduction of... View Article

How could the EU referendum affect the housing industry?

Simon Blaxill, the Managing Director of leading builder’s merchants Kent Blaxill, is worried that the housing industry around Colchester could suffer a slowdown if Britain votes to leave the European Union (EU). With the countdown to the EU Referendum now... View Article

Sophie Nguyen, Architect

“Playing around with visual ideas is my motivation.” Architect Sophie Nguyen is a one-woman powerhouse of ingenuity. Based in a west London studio, which she designed and built, she is the go-to architect for homeowners in need of clever ideas... View Article

My view – May

Clague’s Karl Elliott considers the role of BIM as he advocates a change to the way buildings are procured. We are living in times when we are ever more demanding of information-rich experiences. And the fact that a gadget in the palm of our hand... View Article

How to achieve a good u-value

Sophie Peters, sustainability assessor, Darren Evans Assessments explains U-values (measured in Watts per metre Kelvin – W/m²K) measure the rate of heat loss through building elements. As they impact on both the dwelling emission rate and fabric energy efficiency targets,... View Article

Architects respond to Green deal investigation

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has responded to the results of the ‘Investigation into the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s loans to the Green Deal Finance Company’ by the National Audit Office. RIBA Sustainability Policy Advisor Emilia... View Article