Too much of a good thing?

John Godley, Technical Manager for Hambleside Danelaw explains the importance of manufacturers providing relevant, specific and independent transmission values for rooflights. The provision of natural daylight within the built environment can deliver genuine, positive benefits to the finished construction; benefits... View Article

Engineering canopies that are fit for purpose

Research suggests that many leading canopy manufacturers apply little engineering acumen to the design, build and installation of their canopies, which can result in maintenance and performance difficulties, additional remedial costs and poor aesthetics – all much sooner than anticipated. As... View Article

Acoustics with education… explained

It is crucial for modern day education environments have good acoustics within classrooms and other learning areas. Pupils need to be able to listen clearly to their teachers to foster their learning process, and likewise teachers need to be able... View Article

Opinion: Carbon neutrality – a norm, not an aspiration

Earlier this year the Government scrapped its zero carbon homes plan – again. Darren Evans outlines why architects and developers must not abandon the zero carbon agenda. In May of this year the Government overruled the House of Lords and scrapped the... View Article

Timber reaches new heights

‘How tall’ is now the question facing those striving to build the tallest timber buildings around the world. Peter Wilson of Timber Design Initiatives explains that as the boundaries of engineered timber technology expand, the use of wood in buildings... View Article

Building-in cost benefits

As construction heads towards decarbonisation, choice of building materials is increasingly crucial. Andrew Carpenter of the Structural Timber Association (STA) outlines why timber provides built-in cost benefits. Cost is one of the main considerations for architects and specifiers when choosing a... View Article

Aluminium and sustainable cities – three exemplars

Specifying aluminium for windows, structure and cladding is an affordable way of creating durable architecture with performance benefits. Prof Michael Stacey reports. As part of the Towards Sustainable Cities (TSC) research programme, my practice Michael Stacey Architects, working with KieranTimberlake, architects... View Article

Exclusive blog: Turning awards into media coverage

Alex Blyth, Joint MD at PR and new business agency Red Setter reveals how thought leadership can push your practice to greater heights. This week’s CGarchitect Architectural 3D Awards saw some outstanding examples of the power of design. Amongst our favourite winners was Alexey Zakharov, who... View Article

Overcoming the challenges of sourcing reclaimed bricks

With growing demand for brick matching on period properties and strict guidelines for building within conservation areas, Jason Hughes of Imperial Bricks explores the issues presented by reclaimed bricks and which alternatives are available. The problems associated with reclaimed bricks... View Article

Adapta comments on air quality

The issue of air quality in premises which are intended for use as offices and general services, that is to say premises where no kind of industrial activity takes place, is an increasingly common one in the sphere of working... View Article

BRE Trust reports on latest built environment research

BRE Trust has published its annual review of some of the latest built environment research. Available online, the report outlines research projects and activities across areas ranging from infrastructure sustainability and resilience to occupant wellbeing and energy. Projects The BRE... View Article