Fire safety in the frame

David Atkinson from Metsec discusses the increased focus on through-wall fire testing post-Grenfell, and how steel framing systems can contribute to improved performance as well as thermal efficiency Light gauge galvanised steel framing systems (SFS) are primarily used for wall... View Article

Rolling out offsite benefits

Marian Kubisz of Adept Consulting (UK) looks at the increased specification of cold rolled steel frames in the current push for offsite construction solutions, and why system design considerations need to be brought into projects at the earliest stage Hot... View Article

View Point: Hywel Davies of CIBSE

LISTEN HERE 🔊 With Covid-19 sadly not likely to disappear any time soon, achieving the correct ventilation of workplaces is critical to mitigate the spread in future. Hywel Davies of CIBSE discusses the issues for designers Covid-19 is not going... View Article

Practice Profile: Broadway Malyan

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Tom Boddy speaks to Broadway Malyan about their journey to becoming a global architectural firm, and how the practice philosophy has evolved to increasingly embrace “holistic building design” It was in 1958 in Weybridge, Surrey that Cyril... View Article

View Point: Sean Ronnie Hill

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Sean Ronnie Hill from RISE Design Studio looks at how and why the whole project team needs to be upskilled to maximise design benefit in pursuing net zero goals in residential retrofits Retrofitting and refurbishing existing dwellings... View Article

Ask the Architect: Jo Wright

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Jo Wright, director of architecture for the UKIMEA region at Arup, answers ADF’s questions on her inspirations and challenges What made you want to become an architect? I enjoyed studying physics, maths and art and I relished... View Article

Practice Profile: White Red Architects

Joe Haire, co-founder and director of White Red Architects tells Roseanne Field how the ambitious practice has built on a foundation of a friendship between two undergraduates to place collaboration at the heart of its work Becoming friends while attending... View Article

Ask the Architect: Nigel Ostime

Regular ADF contributor, and partner at Hawkins\Brown, Nigel Ostime answers our questions on the role of the architect, and what designers need to learn from other sectors when it comes to efficiency What made you want to become an architect?... View Article

Site Lines: A home fit for the future

HLM Architects is raising its profile in the residential sector with a design concept showcased in a major Government design initiative to create ‘age-friendly’ and sustainable housing. Matthew Thomas explains more Last year HLM Architects’ ‘Forever Home’ concept was one... View Article

Innovative school design isn’t the enemy of fire safety

Keith MacGillivray of the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association looks at the debate around whether automatic fire sprinklers are in conflict with innovative school design What could be more beneficial to the design of a school than the inclusion of... View Article

Learning to live with change

Rob Charlton of Space Architects discusses his practice’s ethos of delivering buildings that improve people’s lives in the context of education, and the changes the sector has undergone recently Having been in practice for almost 30 years, I have spent... View Article

Practice Profile: Stride Treglown

Pierre Wassenaar from the top 10 UK practice speaks to Tom Boddy about how the firm’s social value ethos has sustained since its inception, and has led to it achieving a demanding business standard for inclusivity and sustainability Since its... View Article

View Point: Richard Hill of Arup

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Despite the technical challenges, designers have an obligation to explore the potential to conserve and reuse heritage structures, says Richard Hill of Arup While there is an inherent desire in our industry to build new and start... View Article

Finding the perfect blend

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Co-located developments, an emerging trend, could help solve industry challenges by satisfying demand for both industrial and residential developments at a stroke. Peter Watkins of HDR | Bradbrook Consulting looks at the inherent design challenges A co-location... View Article

View Point: Neal Maxwell of Changing Streams

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Neal Maxwell explains how a trip to the Arctic led him to found Changing Streams, with a mission to persuade the construction industry to end its ‘plastic pandemic’ You cannot solve the climate crisis unless you address... View Article

Four house renovations that add value

When it comes to selling your house, you need to make it look put together before you can let potential buyers come in and have a look at your property. Renovations are important to get done because the house might... View Article

Seeing a smart future beyond the pandemic

Neil McSporran of NSG Group discusses how ‘smart’ antimicrobial glass for tackling infections beyond the pandemic, and how smarter building materials will help designers to create safer environments Curbing the transmission of diseases will be a priority for those who... View Article

Ask the Architect: Damien Lee of WGP Architects

Damien Lee of WGP Architects answers ADF’s questions about what drives him, and how he has tackled the challenges posed by the pandemic What made you want to become an architect? I grew up with architecture in the blood. I... View Article