What to consider before a large scale industrial move

Relocating masses of machinery is as tricky as it sounds. And, without the help of a heavy haulage mover, you may as well consider it an impossible task.

So, yes, while moving machinery as part of a factory relocation is undoubtedly difficult and wrought with potential hazards at every turn, it is nevertheless an achievable task if you place trust in the right hands. With the right planning and guidance you can rest assured that the move will be accomplished in a swift and safe manner. To give you a helping hand, here are the essentials you absolutely have to know if you are plotting a move for your business.

The timeline is the crux of any operation, and making sure it is a reasonable one is critical to its success. Of course, the timeline is largely dictated by both the size and quantity of equipment you are moving, as well as the distance between the two sites. Finding the right balance will ensure that the move is not an unnecessarily drawn-out and laboured process and also that it is not rushed and laden with a litany of mistakes and missteps.

Once you have a detailed understanding of the financial resources at your disposal, you can then begin to ascertain how best to use those resources. Getting multiple quotes from a variety of firms is a strong way to garner an awareness of the state of the market, and what you can expect to pay. From there, selecting a firm that comes with recommendations and case studies of prior success is more likely to result in a successful move.

Part and parcel of a successful move is also ensuring that it is a safe one. Multiple considerations in regards to safety have to be made before the move can even begin and are many in number: all parties have to be properly insured, all workers must be equipped with the proper protective attire and training and so on.

The onus for packaging can be ambiguous, making it susceptible to misunderstandings. In order to counteract this threat, it is important to establish a plan that verifies that all at-risk equipment is properly protected prior to the move.

Type of equipment
The type of machinery that is being moved is also of utmost importance. Firstly, because it will dictate the kind of equipment is required to facilitate the move. Large industrial systems require suitable moving equipment – anything from heavy duty crane hire to hiab hire. And, secondly, because certain kinds of equipment may require disassembly and then later; re-assembly, the assistance of experts may also be required.

By keeping all of these topics in mind, you stand in good stead to oversee a safe and successful move.