Understanding sustainable drainage systems & planning

GeoSmart Information is offering a free one hour CPD webinar on sustainable drainage and the impacts on site design, planning permission and property development.

This CPD certified session will cover:

  1. The guidance and regulation regarding SuDS and new developments.
  2. What SuDS are and how they work.
  3. The need for SuDS and their benefits.
  4. How to assess a site’s suitability for SuDS.

By the end of the webinar you’ll:

  1. Explain the guidance and rules in place for SuDS for new developments.
  2. Describe how SuDS work and why they’re relevant to site design and new developments.
  3. Review the design principles of SuDS, assess the drainage hierarchy and know about variation in SuDS suitability for different sites.

Register now and join our free session on 30 March 2017, 12:00-13:00