Hollo-Bolt Specified for an eight-storey facade sculpture

Lindapter’s Hollo-Bolt, the original expansion bolt for structural steel, was used to secure the eight-storey artistic facade to the western wall of Helena 57 WEST in New York. The ‘Flows Two Ways’ sculpture spans 18 by 18 metres and was designed to complement the main entrance to neighbouring skyscraper VIA 57 West, dubbed The Great Pyramid of Manhattan. The monumental cladding was made from a stainless steel mounting matrix to which 35 interlocking panels and 400 18m aluminium tubes were installed.

The engineers researched various connection methods to find a way to achieve a secure and discreet connection for the layered construction and anchoring system. Several products were evaluated for their ability to accommodate forces generated by extreme weather conditions and earthquakes. They concluded that the Hollo-Bolt by Lindapter was the best choice for the application because it is approved by ICC-ES for use in all seismic design categories (A-F) for resisting wind loads and seismic loads. The engineers were confident that the Hollo-Bolt would out-live the other elements of the facade, avoiding unnecessary maintenance. Further reassurance was added with Lindapter’s range of independent technical approvals and over 80 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing steelwork connections.

The contractor, American Sign Crafters, used 250 stainless steel Hollo-Bolts to attach the components to the stainless steel grid. Using the Hollo-Bolt eliminated the need for drilling and welding onsite, which allowed a quick and easy installation, without area closures or damaging the artistic components.

Click here to download the Hollo-Bolt brochure or watch the installation video.