Farmer and Fusion collaborate on offsite futures

Mark Farmer – author of the ‘Modernise or Die’ construction industry report – and Fusion Building Systems, a national offsite light gauge steel superstructure manufac- turer have met to discuss ways of develop- ing new training and career opportunities within the offsite construction sector.

Taking their lead from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)’s report ‘Faster, Smarter, More Efficient: Building Skills for Offsite Construction’, Farmer and Fusion reviewed the issues currently affecting the UK construction industry and discussed the routes which could be opened up to develop a skilled offsite workforce.

Their discussions centred around key findings of the CITB report which noted the low levels of industry awareness of the skills needed for offsite construction and how future, nationally-recognised training should deliver a diverse range of skill sets. The report also highlighted the need for industry-wide education in so-called “softer skills”, such as an awareness of behaviours and attitudes in the workplace.

Mike Fairey, Fusion Building Systems director said:

“There are already a handful of colleges and universities who are offering courses in modern methods of construction (MMC), but considering the startling findings of Mark’s report which looked at the desperate future of UK construction as a whole, there need to be many more. The industry needs to turn to offsite, but as the CITB report has shown, awareness, understanding and acceptance of MMC needs to catch up.”