Boost your structural waterproofing knowledge

Triton offers six RIBA approved CPD seminars on structural waterproofing in new build and existing basements and will introduce a new seminar on ground gas barriers later this Spring…

All of the following seminars can be booked via the training course page at or through the RIBA website:

New Build and Existing Basement Waterproofing:
This seminar provides delegates with a greater awareness of BS 8102: 2009, the Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures. It details the grades of waterproofing required, the types of waterproofing systems available and the relevant standards and regulations that apply to both new build and retrofit projects.

New Build Basement Waterproofing:
This seminar focuses on the specific requirements of waterproofing in new build applications. Focusing on the requirements of BS 8102 (2009) it covers design philosophy and guidance on the site evaluation/risk assessment required at the outset of the project. It gives clear explanations of the types of waterproofing protection available and why each (or a combination) should be specified depending upon the individual project requirements.

Existing Basement Waterproofing:
This seminar will appeal to architects involved in domestic, commercial and historic or conservation projects. It explains how cavity drain membrane systems differ from tanking systems by continuing to allow the water to enter the building, controlling it behind the membrane and diverting it to a suitable drainage point. Key benefits include the speed of installation achieved by eliminating the need for extensive substrate preparation.

Waterproofing Concrete Structures Below Ground:
This seminar looks at the use of concrete in the construction industry and the systems available for waterproofing concrete as defined in BS8102 (2009). The seminar covers what concrete is, where it can be used and the benefits of using it.

Type B Waterproofing:
This seminar looks at structurally integral Type B waterproofing and covers design philosophy, site evaluation and risk assessment. It also looks at the systems offering Type B protection in more detail such as integral waterproofing additives, in depth crystalline concrete waterproofing admixtures and pre-formed waterstops. The presentation also covers remedial measures, all relevant standards and regulations and recent case studies.

Green Roofs/Living Roofs:
This seminar focuses on the installation of living or green roofs to structures and explores their benefits, the design principles, construction processes and further considerations.

Triton also offers an online seminar on Structural Waterproofing via the RIBA’s online CPD service.

The code of practice for the protection of below ground structures from water from the ground, BS 8102: 2009, defines three types of waterproofing system – Type A, Type B and Type C. Any of these, or a combination of two or more systems, may be specified in a structural waterproofing project. Triton systems supplies a compatible range of each type of system backed up by expert technical support – perfect for specifiers and contractors looking for a single point of supply.

For specialist basement contractors Triton also offers classroom-based training on all types of below ground waterproofing system, as well as on the specification and installation of sumps and drainage, on dampness in buildings and timber preservation, and a new course on ground gas protection.  All of these courses can be booked via the company’s training course page at